Brian Labycz :: electronics
Paul Giallorenz
o :: synthesizer/piano
Marc Riordan :: percussion

upcoming shows:

Thurs 2/13/14 9PM @ Cafe Mustache
2313 N Milwaukee Ave, CHI, $sugdon

7/15/13 8:30PM @ Burlington
3425 W Fullerton Ave, CHI
+ ADT, Double Morris, Daniel Wyche Friday

5/25/12 9PM @ Township 2200 N California, CHI Breakway + Daniel Wyche, C. Batteries Thursday

2/9/12 10PM @ Elastic 2830 N Milwaukee Ave #2, CHI $7 byob

Giallorenzo/Labycz Duo Tour Fall 2011

Nov 12th - Chicago, IL- Heaven Gallery
1550 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd Fl - 10pm
+ Katie Young solo
Nov 13th - Philadelphia, PA- Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Ave - 7:30pm
with Dan Blacksberg
+ Charles Cohen/Julius Masri Duo, Shri Camel
Nov 14th - East Hampton, MA - Flywheel
43 Main Street - 8pm
+ We Love You, Eggs, Eggs
Nov 15th - Brooklyn, NY -
Death by Audio
49 S 2nd ST - 8pm
+ Hex Breaker Quartet, OPPONENTS, Twistycat, Human Relief
Nov 17th - Pittsburgh, PA - 
Wood Street Galleries
601 Wood Street - 8PM
+ David Bernabo's Host Skull
Nov 18th - Columbus, OH -
It Looks Like It's Open 13 East Tulane - 7pm start 6pm doors
+ Tone Elevator, CMKT4, Thriftsore Boratorium
Nov 19th - Toledo, OH -
Robinwood Concert House
2564 Robinwood ave - 9pm


Live @ the Hideout, Chicago  March 19th, 2008

Cd Release Show:
Friday September 30th 2011 9PM @ Enemy

1550 N Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl, $5



Hot Choice

Breakway Hot Choice
Peira Records, 2011

1. discarded landing gear
2. you have my full attention
3. on it
4. stay gay
5. a thousand angles
6. elementionary
7. ambiguous situations after midnight
8. indonesian sports blogger


recorded at Strobe Recording Studio, Chicago, Fall 2009,
engineered by Nick Broste.
mixed by Paul Giallorenzo and Brian Labycz.
mastered by Brian Labycz.

Get Down!

Breakway Get Down
Friends and Relatives Records, 2009

    1. schmutzig ............(8:56)        
    2. jimrodethatthing...(7:36)        
    3. refracture .............(4:15)        
    4. rocknroll...............(7:31)        
    5. outtheotherside ....(4:19)


recorded multitrack-live, June 19th, 2008 at Elastic, Chicago.
mixed by Paul Giallorenzo. mastered by Brian Labycz.
for demonstration purposes only, not for duplication/dissemination.

from Chicago Reader
" the trio Breakway, Giallorenzo focuses on purely improvised abstraction, processing his piano with contact mikes and electronics or abandoning it entirely in favor of an analog synth. The music on Get Down (Friends and Relatives) is sometimes hectic, sometimes slow and considered, but even the most spacious passages consist largely of tense, frenetic gestures. Drummer Marc Riordan scrabbles and scrapes at his kit, creating a blur of cymbal patter, stuttering beats, and texture-based racket. Giallorenzo and electronicist Brian Labycz create swells and bursts of processed tones—snaking, skittering lines, supernovas of white noise, bulbous bloops and high-frequency bleeps—that not only blend and contrast thoughtfully with each other but also dance atop Riordan's playing with clear logic and easy grace..." --Peter Margasak FULL ARTICLE

from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Breakway is [Giallorenzo's] electroacoustic free-improv trio, presented in a refined, European avant style (think Keith Rowe or Thomas Lehn). The closest this gets to jazz is the clattery percussion of Marc Riordan -- otherwise, the resulting scrapings, tumblings and clankings are much closer to the sound-art tradition going back to the '60s when David Tudor and Gordon Mumma first seized upon filters and ring modulators .... whether it's Labycz spinning out waves of gentle static and Subotnick-esque electronic tones, Riordan making his cymbals creak and whine, or Giallorenzo playing simple octaves on the piano, there's a determination to this work that's compelling, and by the conclusion of the almost Zen-like "Outtheotherside," you'd be hard-pressed to demean any of it as mere debris.      --Manny Theiner...... FULL ARTICLE

from Vital Weekly:
"...This is by far the most interesting release of this lot. These guys know how to play an improvisation that has intensity as well as being able to listen to what the others are doing and how interact on what the other players are doing. Its a most odd combination, so much electronics playing abstract sounds while the drummer uses his kit in a rather traditional manner. It makes some intense playing with some beautiful pieces going on here. I gather these are matured improvisers, who are not out there producing a random set of sounds on some instruments. Great."



Breakway on MYSPACE

Spring Tour 2010

Tuesday June 29th 9PM
Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Ave Chicago, IL
w/ Huntsville (Norway) and Apiary (Mills, Hess, Daniell, Stein)

Thursday June 24th 10PM
2830 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL

Sunday May 16th 10PM
Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont St Chicago, IL

Saturday May 15th 9PM
Pageant Gallery 607 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA

Friday May 14th 9PM - $6
The Freezer 633 E Street SE, rear alley
Washington DC

Thursday May 13th 8PM - $10
Douglass Street Music Collective
295 Douglass St Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday May 12th 8PM - $10
Issue Project Room 232 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY



Spring Tour 2009


Saturday 4/11
 Chicago, IL; Heaven Gallery
1550 N. Milwaukee 2nd Floor

** Monday 4/13 ** CD RELEASE CONCERT
  Big Car Gallery
1043 Virginia Ave., Suite 215  Indianapolis, IN 46203

Tuesday 4/14
Nickelodeon Theatre
937 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201 803.254.8234

Wednesday 4/15
  BoBo gallery
22 Lexington Avenue Asheville, NC 28801

Thursday 4/16
Monk's Place
3634 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Friday 4/17
  Big Rock Candy Mountain
1822 N Hancock, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122

Sunday 4/19
CoCo 66  
 66 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn, NY

 Monday 4/20
  Art Damage Lodge
 4120 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH

 ** Tuesday 4/21** CD RELEASE CONCERT
 Chicago, IL; Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave
performing with Fred Lonberg Holm's Overova and Michael Zerang's Stumble

Paul Giallorenzo
is an improviser, composer, and sound designer using piano, synthesizer, and electronics in a variety of groups and contexts, ranging from jazz and improvised music to electro-acoustic / noise. Recent projects include GitGO (free jazz quintet featuring Mars Williams, Jeb Bishop, Anton Hatwich, Marc Riordan, 482 music); Masul (electroacoustic duo with Swiss composer/bass saxophonist Thomas Mejer, Creative Sources); and a piano trio w/ Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Tim Daisy.  Producer, organizer, co-founder, director of the art gallery/music venue Elastic, producing hundreds of experimental music concerts in Chicago since 2001.

Brian Labycz is an improviser hailing from chicago. primarily performing with electronics, he draws from a range of sources utilizing field recordings, acoustic instruments, digital manipulations, analog processing, and self-made devices to produce and explore various expressive forms and structures. with a primary focus on improvisation his aim is to produce dynamic gestures with electronics in a live setting. the goal is to transcend gadgetry to arrive at a fully realized performance instrument. working as a soloist and in various group settings he has performed and released work in the us and japan. he has also organized events in chicago and abroad and is actively hosting the myopic improvised music series and the triage sound series. he has been fortunate enough to have performed/collaborated with many great individuals including : vadim sprikut, jason roebke, ayako kato, aram shelton, dale lloyd, fred lonberg-holm, blake edwards, kazuya ishigami, kevin davis, adam sonderberg, steve hess, kiukuchi yukinori, koutaro fukui, tv pow, paul giallorenzo, asmina chremos, aaron zarzutski, daniel fandi_o, jason stein, jake elliot, paul hartsaw, boris hauf, guillermo gregorio, keefe jackson, katherine young, gonzo murakami, yannick dauby, bernhard gal, ernst karel, christophe charles, carl stone, rob drinkwater, hiroyuki ura, jason soliday, john mueller, gene coleman, sarah thompson, jeff kimmel, marc riordan

Marc Riordan grew up in Boston, where he attended the New England Conservatory of Music and studied with Steve Lacy, Joe Morris and Rakalam Bob Moses among others. Since moving to Chicago in 2006 he has kept a regular performance schedule, working with improvisers such as Keefe Jackson, Nate McBride, Jaimie Branch, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Toby Summerfield and dancer Julia Mayer. He currently performs both as a leader and collaborator in many Chicago-based improvising ensembles, including Never Enough Hope, Keefe Jackson Quartet, Breakway, Rupert, and rock outfits Frigates and Medium Sized Rabbit. Additionally, he works as a music instructor and concert organizer.