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Elastic Arts
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Our Mission
Homeroom is an independent, nonprofit resource for creative Chicagoans to develop and produce original arts programming.

We encourage multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations by supporting various artistic practices from music, dance, and film, to visual arts and literature.. Our Philosophy
Homeroom promotes artistic experimentation and growth by liberating artists from the financial and artistic constraints imposed by traditional institutional and commercial channels.

Homeroom designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration, in order to create an artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact
Our Programs
Homeroom creates collaborative, multidisciplinary arts programs guided by key values and goals:
  • Highlight new collaborations, perspectives, and presentational formats;
  • Bring together artists from different genres and media, often challenging them to produce work outside their standard practice or with new and relevant considerations;
  • Commission artists to make new work whenever possible;
  • Compensate artists and curators for their time and talent;
  • Partner with artists and organizations who best fit the qualities of each program; and
  • Provide insight and transparency into artistic and curatorial processes.
Board of Directors
Jeanine Pekkarinen, President

Jessica Tovrov, Secretary

Samuel J Lewis, trustee Staff

Paul Giallorenzo, Executive and Artistic Director

Kelsey McFalls, Development/Marketing Associate

Tselanie Townsend, Marketing Associate/Curator
Sustainability & Support

Homeroom’s programs are made possible thanks to our generous donor community. Additional support is provided by the Illinois Arts Council Agency and a CityArts Grant from The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE).