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Elastic Arts
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Respiro, 2021

Paul Giallorenzo: producer, audio/video

Elastic Arts is pleased to partner with No Idea Festival and Harmonipan in Mexico City to present Respiro: A Multimedia Event While We Wait. This is a film by Rhizomes Films highlighting the collaboration between musicians in Mexico City and Chicago who first met in CDMX last March just before the pandemic. The film consists of new work from the artists, highlighting their reflections of the last year and on the wonderful collaborations this cultural exchange has created. It features the work of Gibrán Andrade, Remi Álvarez, Angel Bat Dawid, Arturo Baez, Isaiah Collier, Katie Ernst, Paul Giallorenzo, Amanda Irarrazabal, Lia Kohl, Ben LaMar Gay, Alfonso Muñoz, Gustavo Nandayapa, Natalia Perez, Rogelio Sosa, and Adam Zanolini. Tune in to catch the screening followed by a panel discussion with some of the artists and organizers involved.

An Improvised Music Exchange, 2020

Paul Giallorenzo - co-producer, co-curator, composer, performer

Elastic Arts: An Improvised Music Exchange Between Mexico City and Chicago, March 13-15, 2020’, a short film from our friends at Rhizomes Films. The film explores the March 2020 journey that seven Chicago artists made to Mexico City where they collaborated and performed with some of Mexico’s finest improvisers. The project was supported by the MacArthur Foundation’s International Connections Fund and achieved in collaboration with our partners Festival Aural, Harmonipan, the No Idea Festival, the Centro Cultural de España de Mexico, and Casa Niza.